Who are we ?

Siloé is an interconfessionnal, non-profit-making association with a Christian ethic.

Why the name of Siloé ? John 9.1-11 (The Bible)

On His way, Jesus met a born blind man. Jesus spat on the floor and made mud out of His saliva. Then He put the mud on the eyes of the blind man and said to him :

“Go, and wash yourself in the reservoir of Siloé”.
The blind man went there, washed himself, and went back seeing clearly. Couldn’t Jesus simply have prayed for this man so that he could immediately recover sight?

Our mission

To temporarily accompany people who desire to progress in their personal development, to break off a feeling of failure, an existential unease or an inferiority feeling.

To train christian counsellors in counselling by means of teachings, seminars and training periods.

To offer a spiritual and psychologic support to different countries and cultures, in which the human being has no value and where suffering is part of the everyday life.

Notre approche

L’approche de Siloé laisse la place à ce que l’aidé détecte les messages que tout son être lui communiquent.

Nous croyons que notre être a des messagers qui transmettent les messages toxiques, dus à un ou des traumatismes dans un parcours de vie.

Ces messagers, nous les trouvons dans le corps, dans l’âme ou dans l’esprit, et en fonction de leur provenance,
ils ont une communication qui leur est propre.